1922 PCGS MS63 Peace Dollar (BC26-8/17)

1922 PCGS MS63 Peace Dollar (BC26-8/17)

"Third Party Grading"


Why the blazes are my coins encased in plastic?

If you are an older collector (like me), you remember the days when every dealer sold only MS65 GEMS and all coins they bought were Slider AU's. In fact, I was in Minneapolis in the 80's and remember the dealers who made mass mailings touting their GEMS, and the 3 to 4 times of profit you were going to make.


That the whole business was non-regulated, and more highly opinionated than the cable news networks. As we (the more reputable dealers) watched millions of dollars being made on overgraded coins, many knew it would be the end of the coin market if something was not done.


Along came the companies that started to consensus grade and backed up their opinions with dealer guarantees and created a more honest playing field so that even a novice or green horn could participate in the coin investing market without having to read 4 volumes of antiquated numismatic literature or going to College classes on grading intricacies given by profiteers.


Coin collecting and investing became more regulated and reliable, with dealers and collectors assured that the coin would be pretty close to the right grade, and not tampered
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