1922 Peace Silver Dollar $1 - Choice Unc

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1922 Peace Silver Dollar $1 - Choice Unc

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Welcome to O'Connor Numismatics On eBay...

Whether you’re a casual or serious collector, we are committed to helping you find the best items for your collection, no matter what your level of expertise or needs may be.
We offer coins certified by PCGS and NGC, including coins approved by CAC. In addition, we also carry a large inventory of raw coins, offered at the lowest possible prices so you can build your collection without breaking the bank. From under $100 to $5000 and up, we consistently offer a wide selection, guaranteeing that you can always find an affordable deal on anything of interest.

Grading & Photography

We grade our uncertified, or raw, coins strictly and conservatively according to PCGS’s Photograde Online . We do this to allow our customers to easily check the grading of our coins against an accepted and recognized standard. To do so, please visit PCGS Photograde.
We realize how critical it is for our customers to be confident in the coins they purchase. As a result, we purposely photograph our coins to reveal all characteristics,
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