1922D VG Lincoln Wheat Cent from old set of coins

I will be listing a number of nice clean Lincoln cents over the next several days. I will describe the obverse and reverse of each coin in its listing. Please check my other auctions to find the date you need. If you don't see it, email and ask or check back. I may not have gotten to it yet. This auction is only for the ONE coin described below. I think you will find my grading is fair. I have sold thousands of coins through the mail in the last ten years and have probably had 10 or less returned for any reason.

I bought these coins from an estate. Thanks for bidding. Remember this auction is only for the ONE coin described below.

A WORD ABOUT PRICING: I look at two things to determine price. One is some type of retail price guide such as Coins magazine or Numismatic News. The other is the Coin Dealer Newsletter (commonly called the greysheet). This is more of a wholesale price guide that coin dealers use to purchase coins. Of these two the greysheet is by far the most accurate as far as keeping pace with rapidly changing prices. In the case of early Lincoln cents, the semi-key dates having been going up in value quite rapidly and most retail price guides are not keeping up too well. In several cases, the wholesale greysheet price for these coins is considerably higher than the retail price guide I am looking at.
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