1923 Philadelphia Peace 90% Silver Dollar Free Shipping NR

Free Silver Dime or Cash Discount for Combining Payment You get more coins for your money and we spend less on fees and shipping when you combine payments. Buy any 3 items in one combined transaction for $1.00 off your purchase or a free war nickel. Buy any 5 items in a single transaction for $2 off your purchase or a free 90% silver dime. For Buy it Now items, put everything in your cart first, then pay. For Auction, either If you buy both auction and Buy it Now, put the auction items in your cart, then add the Buy it Now items. If you have any trouble, just e-mail us. You get the exact coin in the photos Each coin is unique and has its own special wear pattern, marks, or maybe scratches or rim dings. For each photo, the camera is directly over the coin with the light shining low from the right.
Coming up are: Mercury Dimes Franklin Half Dollars Brilliant Uncirculated pre-1964 Dimes, Quarters and Half Dollars BU Morgan and Peace Dollars Barber Quarters Standing Liberty Quarters Circulated Morgan Dollars from the 1800s Circulated Peace Dollars and 1921 Morgans Beautiful Proof Sterling Silver medalions and coins Franklin Mint sterling silver collectible coins and medalions You should be able to enlarge the photos enough to clearly see the details of the coins, but I'm happy to post more detailed photos. If you need them, just
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