1923 Sylvia Breamer GIRL OF THE GOLDEN WEST Sheet Music & Magic Lantern Slide

This is a magic lantern "coming attraction" slide projected on the screen of a theater during intermission to advertise a feature film which would be appearing soon. It reads, "Tremendous in Spectacular Drama--Edwin Carewe's production of David Belasco's Masterpiece THE GIRL OF THE GOLDEN WEST. A First National Picture." It was filmed in 1923 and stared Sylvia Breamer. The sheet music for the title song accompanies this slide. The song was written by Haven Gillespie and music by Egbert Van Alstyne and Charles L. Cooke. Size of sheet music is 9 1/4" x `12 1/4". Slide is glass and size is 3 1/4" x 4". At the bottom is a space where the projectionist could write in grease pencil when or where the movie would be appearing before showing it on the screen. Slides were usually rented from the company which released the film and destroyed after a relatively short period of use. For some early films, a "coming attraction" slide is all that remains of the movie. Colors are bright and condition is very good. It can be viewed by projecting, holding it to the light, or placing it on a light box. This slide can be made into a print or poster. If you would like information on having that done AFTER you purchase the view, please let me know. To learn more about magic lanterns and slides go to . I offer a reduced postage amount for multiple items ... read more