If you are a serious collector of GENUINE original classic era Fishing, Hunting and Trapping Sporting Collectibles ~~~ you might enjoy looking over a few other prized vintage sporting collectibles I currently have listed or scheduled for listing in the near future....

WI 1950s Silhouette WOOD Field GOOSE DECOY ~~~ MI 1928 Paw Paw NATURAL HAIR MOUSE Lure ~~~ IN 1930s South Bend MIN ORENO Lure ~~~ WI 1940s Handcrafted WOOD FISH DECOY BOX ~~~ IL 1939s Gen Shaw WOOD Wiggle Minnow MIB ~~~ MI 1910s HASTINGS FLUTED WOBBLER MUSKY Lure ~~~ IL 1930s Cast A Fly MIB ~~~ IL 1936 VAL LUR JOINTED MINNOW ~~~ IL 1920s BILL KAUTH proto BASS CHUBBY MINNOW ~~~ IL 1940s JUDAS FROG LURE ~~~ IL 1940s ANDERSON MINNOW FROG Lure MIB ~~~ WI 1942 Weber DIVE N WOBL Bass Lure MIB ~~~ IL 1940s Churchill STREAMLINER MINNOW MIB ~~~ IL 1920s WALTER HEINZE 3-pc MINNOW MUSKY LURE Proto ORIGINAL ~~~ WI 1920s Joe Gigl PICKEREL MINNOW DECOY Fish Lure OP ~~~ WI 1930s Joe Gigl micro Duck Decoy OP ~~~ IL 1940s Bill Kauth CHUBBY MINNOW MUSKY LURE ~~~ Lake Puckaway WI 1930s JOE KLUSS GW TEAL Duck decoy OP ~~~ WI 1905 HARTFORD MINNOW FLOAT ~~~ 1930s MINNESOTA MINNOW Ice Fishing Lure ~~~ Iowa 1940s TEETERS MUSKRAT MUSKY Lure ~~~ IL 1940s Bill Kauth MUSKY CHUBBY MINNOW ~~~ IL 1930s Walter Heinze 3-pc MUSKY LURE ~~~ Childs SPLIT WILLOW WEAVE Brook Trout FISHING CREEL

**** Scarce 1920s ORIGINAL EMPTY Iowa Weller Classic Minnow LURE BOX ONLY ~~~ ERWIN WELLER COMPANY Sioux City Iowa ~~~ large size 5-3/4" L x 2-1/16" W x 1-1/4" H 2-pc cardboard Lure Box WITHOUT LURE ~~~ EMPTY LURE BOX ONLY.... ****

This is one of several uncommon to rare vintage collectible Lure Boxes I am listing at this time... This offering is an early 1920s two-piece cardboard LURE BOX ONLY that once held a large 3-pc wood 4-3/4" No. 142 WELLER CLASSIC MINNOW in Perch finish, retail priced @ $1.25 ( clearly factory retail price marked on the box end ).... Large size 5-3/4" L x 2-1/16" W x 1-1/4" H cardboard Lure Box issued in the early 1920s by the famous early 1900s Iowa lure maker ERWIN WELLER COMPANY of Sioux City, Iowa.... A collector-pleasing sturdy, sound example with no tearing or structure damage. Bold original colors on box showing minimal surface rub about the box corners and edges (see photos). This pleasing example was among my antique lure box collection for decades.... Weller Classic Minnow EMPTY Lure Box ONLY -- a lure is NOT INCLUDED.

I will continue listing collectible GENUINE antique fishing, hunting and trapping items plus a few VERY OLD Fish Lures and Duck Decoys selected from my personal collection.... Some are definitely considered scarce to rare by item, condition or both.... I have many oldtime collectible trapping magazines and publications that include ~~~ FUR FISH GAME ~~~ TRAPPER SPORTSMAN ~~~ TRAPPERS WORLD ~~~ THE PENNSYLVANIA TRAPPER ~~~ THE TRAPPER MAGAZINE by S. Stanley Hawbaker ~~~ TRAPPERS LIFE ~~~ ILLINI TRAPPER ~~~ NORTH AMERICAN TRAPPER ~~~ AMERICAN TRAPLINE JOURNAL ~~~ WESTERN TRAPPER ~~~ PENNSYLVANIA TRAPPERS ASSOCIATION Newsletter ~~~ NATIONAL TRAPPERS DIGEST ~~~ HUNTER TRADER TRAPPER plus several Trapping Catalogs and other collectible ORIGINAL PRINTED vintage trapping booklets, methods and special sets the pros and experts sold only by mail order decades ago -- a few ultra rare items date back to the early 1900s.... Should any of these oldtime sporting collectibles fall into your area of interest -- please check back weekly to view my latest listings of GUARANTEED ORIGINAL PRINTED PAPER COLLECTIBLES and other HONEST oldtime collector-pleasing Trapping, Hunting and Fishing goods.... Plus some historic Midwest made vintage fish lures and early 1900s Wisconsin made/used waterfowl hunting duck decoys..... THANK YOU for viewing this special item.... I wish you great success on all your eBay activities......

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