1924 International Junior Stamp Album/ over 1800 stamps

Here is an opportunity to own a classic collection of world wide postage stamps. These stamps are included in The International Postage Stamp Album - Junior edition, published in 1924 by Scott Stamp and Coin Co., New York.There are over 1800 stamps in this collection, dated from the early 1890's to 1924. This book represents all of the countries with stamps that existed during that time period. Even without the stamps, the graphic artwork throughout this book is beautifully drawn. The stamps are all hinged and attatched and most are cancelled. However there are over 200 that do not have any cancellation marks. The following is a list of the countries in this book that have stamps followed by the number of stamps per country and the number, if any, without any marks on them (un). (not all of the countries listed in this album have stamps)The stamps included in this collection are from the countries: Abyssinia/2-2 un,Albania/3, Angola/4-4un, Argentine Republic/25- 1un, Austrailian Commonwealth/8, Austria/104-50 un, Azores/6, Barbados/2, Bavaria/59-9un, Belgium/43, Bermuda/4, Bolivia/2, Bosnia &Herzegovina/12-7un, Brazil/16, British Guiana/3, Bulgaria/15, Cameroons/2, Canada/28-6un,Cape of Good Hope/1, Cape Verde/8-5un, Central Lithuania/7, Ceylon/6, Chile/22, China/15, Columbian Republic/5, Congo/6, Costa Rica/5, Cuba/23-7un, Czecho-Slovakia/3 ... read more