We offer for sale this framed and dated Invoice written by Eldress Lizzie M. Noyes of the Sabbathday Lake, Maine Shakers . The frame is 9 X 11 inches; the invoice is under glass and is 5 X 6 inches. It is addressed to The Joseph P. Allen Co. It requests "Please send me by Parcel Post ... reels of Rick Rack (used for fancy goods). Thanking you, I am Your Truly, Lizzie M. Noyes. This is in pen and beneath in pencil is writted "Filled". Note the letterhead says: Sabbathday Lake Shakers , Manufactures of Shaker Cloaks and Fancy Goods and is dated March 10, 1924. Under the Sabbathday Lake Shaker website I found the following photo and information about Lizzie M. Noyes: Within weeks of her arrival at Sabbathday Lake , Maine in 1872, Sister Lizzie became the horse teamster for the Sisterhood and Ministry (running errands with them throughout the nearby towns. She was the first and only Sister at Sabbathday Lake to have the occupation as horse teamster. She was in charge of making soap for laundering; during the fall of 1875 Sister Lizzie began what would be her lifelong role in marketing the Sisters' fancy goods industry. In 1926 The Church Family Journal recorded: "Our beloved Eldress Lizzie M. Noyes ... One of the most remarkable women among Shakers. A graduate of Hebron Academy in 1868 and school teacher in the west, she gave up a promising ... read more