1925 Ives Model 2 Complete Train in original Box

This is absolutely unbelievable. One of my customers just walked in with a COMPLETE 1925 Ives Trains. This is model 2--Ives didn't do the G or S guage--they ran their own sizes and this is larger than the G or S. Info on the Ives trains is below. This is still in its original box even though the cover is quite worn (see pix), it is still here. Also with the train is the original booklet/catalogue that came with it. The cover is worn with frayed edges and corners but all of the pages are intact and not torn or even creased. The color throughout is wonderful.

AS is the train itself--you can see the original orange color is bright. All of the cars in the set--engine, parlor, observation and buffet cars--are in fantastic condition--no rust spots--just some chipped paint as we showed in one pix. I've taken 67 pix of the catalog (34 pages) and train and will forward as many pix as you want at your request (eBay only lets us put 12 with the listing and it was hard to choose which to include). I would suggest that you request the pix so you know exactly what you are getting. It comes with 8 curved track pieces, 7 straights and 2 half-straights. Also includes all of the track plates, horn switch, transformer, 2 replacement bulbs for the headlights and crossguard (in metal). These are also in super shape although the transformer's
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