1925-S Peace Silver Dollar (TOUGH DATE...NICE!)

In 1921 the United States Mint reintroduced their silver dollar program with the production of the “Peace” silver dollar. This was in actuality a commemorative coin minted to celebrate the “peace” after the end of World War I. Offered here is a 1925-S Peace dollar that although not considered scarce, is still one of the more desirable “S” mint marked coins in the series. This particular coin will grade out as a CHOICE ALMOST UNCIRCULATED specimen of this highly desired silver dollar (check out your Price Guides on this one!). It is also noted that the coin looks much better in actuality than it does on the scan which does not do this particular coin justice. If you are attempting to complete a set of this popular series and don’t have an unlimited bankroll to spend on MS-65 examples, then this coin would look just great in your Peace Dollar set. Winning bidder pays a $3.95 postage and insurance fee on this item. Please be sure to visit my eBay store for some great “Buy-it-Now” items.