1925 Starck Upright Grand Piano

This piano is one of a group from the estate of a professional piano tuner and restorer. It was a player piano that he converted to manual, only. (We still have the player mechanism, and the buyer can have it.) As with all his pianos, it was brought up to pitch and kept in tune. It has not been tuned since he passed away in 2005. This was one of his favorites to play, because he loved its tone. The keys are real ivory, and are in good condition, other than the yellowing. The original finish has some alligatoring, and scratches and scuffs, as you would expect from its age, and t are sections of veneer missing from the feet. T are no problems with the soundboard or anything else mechanical. All the keys still sound good. Anyone interested in bidding is welcome to come and play it. The serial # is 86249. The dimensions are: 63"L x 55 1/4"H x 28"D.

Please be aware that this piano is VERY HEAVY. We strongly recommend that you only have professional piano movers transport this, unless you have experience moving antique pianos. All arrangements for shipping/moving must be made by the buyer, at the buyer's cost. PLEASE DO NOT BID UNTIL YOU KNOW YOU CAN AFFORD THE SHIPPING FEES! The piano is on the first floor, with only one short step down to the street. The piano is subject to prior local sale. Due to the numerous scams out t,
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