1926 ^ 27 Charles William Stores New York City Catalog

Up for Auction

We have a Charles William Stores Inc. New York City Fall and Winter 1926 -27 Catalog. "Your Bargain Book".

"The Modern Way The Chipper Ship of other days has given way to great liners that ply the seven seas- motor caravans now replace the ox cart, as the modern highway replaces the byway - the first railway train is but a snail to the great steam monarchs of the transcontinental lines of today - ...Thrifty families everyw save money by this Modern Way of Shopping."

This catalog is in rough shape, stored in a basement so it does have a musty smell. The illustrations are fabulous, mostly black and white (brown), some color! Great fashions for man, women and child, household items, tires, furniture and more. (I've added a few more photo's of the early products avaiable in this great old catalog.) She measures approx. 8 1/2" x 11 1/2". Thanks for looking!

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