1926 Fenton MOSAIC spun vase

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this is the real thing ! ! ! ! !

This is not a remake or a recently produced vase. It is one of the originals from 1926:

"In 1925 Fenton imported a special 4 man shop-2 Swedes, a Frenchman and a Czecho-Slovak-to make "offhand" ware. Offhand ware is a special kind of glass product made without molds; it is very beautiful, but requires highly-skilled workmen and is quite costly. After the basic form of the piece is produced by blowing, intricate designs are attached to it manually, and thru a continual heating process, these designs are gradually worked into the oriiginal pattern. The Fenton Company hired the 'offhand shop' under a one year contract, with guaranteed wages for each of the four men, whether they worked or not. The shop head was guaranteed the unbelievable pay of $25.00 per day. It was evident, however, long before the one year was over, that offhand ware, despite its beauty, was not moving, so the experiment was abandoned, and the shop was broken up."

The above helps explain why the vase is considered to be rare indeed.

The vase consists of a black blown core, with shades of Karnack Red, Orange, Yellow mosaics applied. Adiditionally applied to the vase were the threads: hot fine threads of black glass. This vase,
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