1926s Peace Silver Dollar! GEM BU Absolutely stunning! A real show stopper!!!

Upfor your bidding pleasure is one 192 6s Peace Silver Dollar taken from wrapped sealed rolls. My grandfather bought these rolls years ago and I was fortunate enough to inherit the bulk of these still wrapped rolls when he passed in 1980. These rolls are among the nicest Peace rolls or Morgan rolls I have ever come across. This coin just may pull a sixty four up to a mint state sixty six. Due to financial concerns I am proud to offer a limited number of these choice coins to add to your personal collection. I would grade this particular coin at Mint State sixty five all day long and not bat an eye. The photos just don't do the coin justice (I need to find a better way of photographing coins - if any one has any ideas on coin photography I'd like to hear from you) And, while not being a professional grader, I have a pretty sharp eye for grading Morgan’s and Peace dollars, due to over thirty five years of collecting. Of all the coins I had sent to the big grading companies (around thirty) my estimate was only off on three coins, and on two coins I actually under graded and one I over graded and over graded one. Please take time to examine the photos. And make special note of the super clean fields and the frosty devices.
There will be no charge for regular first class shipping. I usually have a no refund policy but , with all
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