1927 B 20 SWISS FRANC WORLD GOLD COIN PCGS MS 64 SKU #97107 This is a very nice 1927 B 20 Swiss Franc coin in very collectable condition. It has been professionally graded by PCGS as MS 64 with a certification number 886991.64/12573642. Coin would make a nice aquistition to any collection. Click an Image to Enlarge 5 Reasons to Buy & Collect Certified Coins Why should a coin collector and investor buy and collect professionally graded and certified coins?. Commonly called "slabs", they are housed in a protective plastic holder. T are many companies – over a dozen are less than 2 years old – which will put your coin in a slab after Certifying that it is Authentic, and assigning a Grade to the coin. The first reason for buying and collecting Certified and Graded Coins applies to all of these companies. However, the most important reasons apply only to the Top Four companies: PCGS, NGC, ANACS, and ICG.
No 1. To Protect Your Coin from Damage. Visible Damage, which includes anything from finger prints/oils to being stepped on. More importantly, Environmental Damage, including such things as exposure to the air, or the wrong kind of air, chemicals in the air, and touching other objects (e.g.: certain plastics, liquids, food) and other coins, which will change the appearance and even structure of the coin. Damage causes loss
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