1927 American Flyer President's Special Wide Gauge Electric Train set w/track

You will not find a more collectible train set anywhere! The gentleman selling this train treated it with the respect it deserved in his youth, and has kept it as a special remembrance of days gone by. He is selling it now in the hopes that someone will treasure it as much as he has. This is his story....
It was around 1920 or '21 when I received my first electric train. It was a complete surprise because the flat that we lived in on Chicago's West Side had no electricity. My dad solved that by buying large dry cell batteries to make it go.
I was hooked on my electric train. It was my favorite toy, but by the time I was 13 we were living in a modest apartment with electricity. Electric trains had changed - they were now wide gauge. I wanted one - any one would do.
You can't image my surprise when on Christmas morning 1927 there was a new electric train - no less than the American Flyer President's Special! I was beside myself! Some years later I learned how much it cost - $94.00!
Some years ago while browsing the magazine rack at the library I spotted one listing among it's contents "What the rich kids got for Christmas in 1927". To my great surprise it was all about my electric train!
I was anything but a rich kid. In later years I always wondered how my parents could have afforded it. We lived frugally,
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