1927 Black Americana Calendar- Black Orchid Face Powder

This is a 1927 wall hanging calendar advertising Black Orchid Face Powder. T is a curved hook (to hang it) at the top that goes in to a piece of red color wood. It looks to be glued to a thick long sheet of paper that has the advertising on. The months of the year are on thinner paper and they are stapled together and then glued towards the bottom of the long sheet. Around the picture of the lady with a powder puff it says: Black Orchid Face Powder- The 1st Face powder for colored Women!- Available in 6 different Shades!- made by C.J. Black and Company, Druggist & Cosmetics- Boston, Mass. Below the calendar it says: Made by Colored, for Colored. It is a little over 18 1/4" long (not including the hook) and almost 9" across. The calendar is glued on crooked but none of the pages are torn off, ripped, nor written on. The hook may have faint rusting on it. T is some discoloring around the edges but it is not torn. Overall for the age of it, I think it is in excellent condition.

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