You have just stumbledupon an awesome auction opportunity! I have been selling Estate coinsfor several years now and I have recently been given the chance to sell a group of coins from a Multi-Million Dollar Estate! This Estate collection contains many Beautiful and Rare coins , many of which will be up for auction in the coming weeks.

You simply cannot beat this chance to own this rare and valuable coin. The value of these Peace Dollars soars into the tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars in high grades ! The low starting bid offers you the opportunity to set the price on this great coin. There are many very high grade coins in this collection so don't miss out on this opportunity to add an awesome coin to your collection. Please check the coin out from the photos and judge the actual grade yourself, then set your price. We're not claiming that this coin grades MS70 but it sure is a beauty! You will receive the exact coin pictured in the auction.

Please check the scans closely, many of these have the original mint frosting on them! Remember BID TO WIN and GOOD LUCK !

All coins are guaranteed to be genuine and the actual coin pictured in the auction. Please note the plastic seen in the photos is used to help with taking the photos. You are bidding on the coin not the holder. Coins will be safely and
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