Up for SALE/OFFER is a HARDER TO FIND "KEY DATE" AL WHITE 1927-D ABOUT UNCIRCULATED 55 NGC GRADED PEACE SILVER DOLLAR. THERE WERE ONLY 1,200,00 OF THE 1927 PEACE DOLLARS MINTED IN DENVER. 'Withinthe Peace dollar series, the 1927-D is the second rarest overall inUncirculated condition, next to the 1934-S. This is not widely known, as some of the San Francisco issues such as the 1924-S and 1925-S are generally thought to be rarer due to dealer promotion” This PEACE DOLLAR is graded by NGC , who are the one of the best certification company's in the world . You can rest assured that this coin has not been cleaned, polished, whizzed or tampered with like many coins offered on eBay. This 83 Year old coin would make a great addition/upgrade to your Peace Dollar collection. There are many UGLY Peace Dollars 4 sale on eBay and this is not one of them! CHECK OUT OUR EBAY INVENTORY OF CHERRY PICKED CERTIFIED MORGAN & PEACE DOLLARS.

The Peace dollar is a United States dollar coin minted from 1921 to 1928, and again in 1934 and 1935. Designed by Anthony de Francisci , the coin was the result of a competition to find designs emblematic of peace. Its reverse depicts a Bald Eagle at rest clutching an olive branch, with the legend "Peace". It was the last United States dollar coin to be struck for circulation in silver .

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