This is a really neat art deco design/style hearing aid and small booklet calls it-- "THE NEW SILVER ANNIVERSARY MODEL "28". Looks complete w/transmitter and cord, Receiver and cord L&R earpieces, aux. Receiver and cord Vol control, 2 double duty batteries, Mic stand, Headband and carrying case + small booklet and larger pamphlet. Back of transmitter has PATENT NUMBER 844635. The stand and of/off switch housing are bakelite. This medical hearing aid was put out by Dictograph Products Corp. New York and booklet is dtd 1928. Some excerpts from booklet; The Acousticon...conceded for 25yrs to be the world's standard for aids to hearing...has added the NewSilver Anniversary Model 28 to solve this difficult problem. a new model of utmost efficiency and exquisity beauty...25yrs of experience concentrated into it...worthy of the name "Acousticon." BEGINNING RULES-- #1 Hold the earpiece to your ear in your hand so that the ear may become accustomed to the contact. #2 For the first few days practice 1hr at a time. time should be increased gradually, #3 Have 1 person at a time talk directly into the transmitter, t should be no other noise around. #4 Don't attempt to hear at the start at too great a distance-that will come after practice. #5 advisable to wear the transmitter on the outside of your clothing for the 1st wk. #6 Exercise

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