1928 J. I. Case T. M. Co Racine WI Case Osborne Mowers

This is an original 1928 fold out mailer type circular [form 6831] for "Case Osborne Mowers" from the J. I. Case Threshing Machine Co. of Racine, WI. The size of the front panel is 4 x 9 in., and it folds out to 8 x 9 in., 8 pages. It is in extra fine condition with some very light rubs on the fold line.

This one is similar but different many ways from a 1931 J.I. Case Co., "Case Osborne Mowers" fold out mailer type circular I sold on eBay several weeks ago.

The front panel has a view of a horse pulled mower and the address panel also has a photo of a horse pulled mower. The contents have several detailed illustrations of component parts, and photos of the mower in the field. T are illustrations and descriptions of the Case-Osborne No.2 mower, No. 3 mower and the Case-Osborne One-Horse mower (see scan) with a 3 1/2 ft cutter bar.

The Osborne name comes from the David Osborne who founded the D. M. Osborne Co. in 1859 in Auburn, NY. Osborne became part of International Harvester Co. in 1903. In 1918, IHC sold the Osborne line to Emerson-Brantingham Co of Rockford, IL which in turn was acquired by J. I. Case Threshing Machine Co. in 1928 and I understand they changed their corporate name to J. I. Case Co. later in 1928. Tfore, this piece of literature would have been available only for a few months.

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