1928 Lindbergh Latin America Goodwill Special Cover

This lot is an original 1928 Charles Lindbergh Latin America Goodwill Tour cover from Panama. The Republic Of Panama was the second country to issue stamps in honor of Lindbergh. the set consists of two values, the 2 cent and 5 cent to provide for domestic and foreign postage. The stamps were printed locally in record time so as to be put on sale on January 9, the day of Lindbergh's arrival in Panama. The plate consists of ten subjects crudely lithographed and repeated ten times to form a setting of 100 to a sheet. No errors are known but t are several unimportant minor varieties in the sheet, the principal one being the 5 cent with tail which is found ten times in every sheet. It is easily identified by the elongated flag of the numeral on the right.

Both designs bear the inscription "Homenaje a Lindbergh" or Honor to Lindbergh, but in the 2 cent value the inscription was so indistinct as to necessitate a surcharge to compliment Lindbergh. The paper used for these stamps is the kind commonly employed for printing checks"Exchange Safety" and "Cashiers Safety" were the particular kind of papers used for the 2 cent and 5 cent respectively. The sheets were issued ungummed. and printed by the Panama Canal Press.

Special postmarks were made for use on the Panama stamps. The two major varieties of Lindbergh postmarks used
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