This auction is for a brand new vapolite lamp made in 1928 which I believe was never used in the original box with neat directions showing dozens of different ways of using this lamp. The graphics in the directions are really cool showing the girl using it while writing next to a beautiful table lamp. All the pictures are diffently in the 20's. The lamp is blue with a blue porclean base and has cloth covered wire but is still soft in very good condition. I don't believe this was hardly ever used. I believe what it was basically used for holding liquid in the top of the bulb such as vicks vaporub, or perfume or anything you wanted to give off a scent in the room. It evens says you can put citronella in it and it would even kill off flies and mosquitos and also kill moths in the closet. It would cure colds, coughs, croup,asthma,hay fever, and fumigates sick rooms. The box and directions both have nice graphics. I plugged it in and it showed a nice bright blue glow but I never put anything in it to get hot. Either plugs in the wall or has a screw plug that comes with it so you could screw it into a light socket and then plug it in like they did back in the 20's. This is an unusual piece that is in like new condition for its age. I am sure you would be happy with it. Any questions please email me. Check out my other auctions for more ... read more