$2 1928D Dollar Red Seal** UNCIRCULATED **MORE CURRENCY 4 SALE**-)

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1928 $2 Dollar Bill Red Seal


Crisp Uncirculated (or CU): A note in this grade must be strictly Uncirculated-with no folds, bends, or wrinkles present, even when viewed very closely under a strong light. A bent corner tip may be acceptable at this grade level if there are no other flaws, but only if the bend is within the margin and it does not affect the design. If the bend is large or there is more than one, the note cannot grade CU. Such a note may have centering problems, counting crinkles, or microscopically rounded corners, but the note must be strictly free of folds or bends. A note that is otherwise Choice or Gem CU but has been processed or pressed might fall into this category.

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