1929 Ford Pick-Up Truck "BLUE BEETLE" by Monogram

This is the "BLUE BEETLE", a customized 1929 Ford Pick-Up truck kit by Monogram. This is kit number PC93-149, and is the only version of this kit that I'm aware of. This kit was purchased by my father new, and was opened for inspection or daydreaming, then put away until these photos were taken. As far as I can tell, this car is complete and is as perfect as when it was originally boxed. The only flaw I found was that two of the tires were snapped together (see photos), otherwise, this kit is about as perfect as you would be able to find. This kit features a Cadillac engine, a choice of top up or down, a bed cover and full scuba gear including skin diving gear, air tank, fins and mask. We had high hopes of building these kits over the years, but we never got around to building them and at this point in time never will. We are selling off a collection of promotional models and kits that took us over 30 years to complete. If you are looking for a particular model, e-mail me at , maybe I can help.


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