1929 Gilbert #8 Erector Set Zepplin-White Truck-Shovel!

I would like to thank all the good people that bought my metal sets over the last year. Many have asked me to restore wood sets, as t is a need for TOP quality sets from this era. Up for sale is a 1929 A C Gilbert #8 Erector Set. Called The Zepplin Set, it is most appealing, as it can build the Zepplin, White Truck, and Steam Shovel!!! THREE SETS IN ONE!!!! NICKEL PARTS!!!!! T is no better way to storm your as* into the wood sets!!! Jump in with both feet!! 100% complete, GUARANTEED(be careful...a third of sets sold on Ebay as "complete" are NOT!!). 3 times inventoried, this set has all show quality parts. THIS IS A SHOW SET!!! T IS NOT A SINGLE JUNK, RUSTY, OR BENT PART IN THIS SET!!! I ALWAYS lay out all the goodies, and take the highest resolution pics allowed by Ebay. I see people paying $600-$1800 on Ebay for incomplete, junk, rusty Zep sets with either no manual or a piece of sh*t one. Then they have to pay for the parts that are missing, giving them a COMPLETE junk rusty set that costs more than this one! is your chance to snag a stellar, complete, near perfect set(if anyone tries to sell you a "perfect" set, do not buy it....they stole it from the Lord's collection!!! After all, the set is 80 years old, and generally were in the hands of kids(like me!!!)). Central to the issue is the top quality restoration. Spotless ORIGINAL ... read more