192g Banded agate Madagascar xlarge tumbled beautiful patterns

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These beautiful banded agate,Each has its own unique design.It feels very smooth and soothing to the touch.It has a beautiful glossy sheen.Great for pockets, gifts, rock collections, art projects and energy work.Carnelian is a stone of creativity, high energy and vitality
Banded agate Madagascar,xlarge tumbled ,beautiful patterns
Crystal can make peace, harmony, purity concentrate, improve concentration, open mind, the function of the development potential, sick many twists and turns, mostly because of the human body excessive amount of negative performance or ShaQi, sickened by qi weaken the people, spirit not beautiful, do not wait, white crystal magnetic field can penetrate the bad air, purify the body, make human body recovery and health, negative sexual energy dissipation, which is the beginning of good luck.