1930-40 Handstitched 73x73 Floral & Ivory Quilt

1930's - 40's Handstitched Rose of Sharon Floral and Vine Ivory Square Quilt

This quilt was made by my great grandmother. She made two alike and I've got no idea why...but I'm keeping the other one for a keepsake in my country victorian guest room. I don't need two and after long thought have decided to sell this one. This quilt has been painstaking well stitched with colorful appliques and artful design. The size is roughly 73" x 73", so it would look great displayed as an attention grabber on a wall, draped over a large table or used for a colorful touch of a cover up for a lazy day nap. I'm proud to say the sewing/stitching is done the way a quilt should be made.

The colors are still bright even though the quilt has been washed a few times: vines and leaves are typical era deep mint green and the flowers are layered with three colors: red (center), medium coral (middle) and medium pink (outside). The fabric and batting are most likely 100% cotton considering the era and main fabric color, front and back is ivory. Back of quilt has no design except for the handstitching. T are no tears or holes, but a few minor tiny stains. I took a few pictures that you can enlarge if you want but it was hard to get my camera close enough to capture the sizes. Best size of stains would be less than 1/16" of an inch. I would not
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