1930 BP Hungary 5 Pengo Silver Round BU Coin

1930 BP Hungary 5 Pengo Silver Round BU Coin

Up for bidding is this 1930, Hungary. Commemorative 5 Pengö Silver Coin. 10th Anniversary of Admiral Horthy as Prince Regent. XF!

Mint year: 1930 Denomination: 5 Pengö Mint Place: Budapest (B.P.) Material: Silver (.640) .5213 ASW Weight: 25.10gm Diameter: 36mm

The Hungarian Pengo occupied a relatively short time in the history of Hungary. It was the official currency of the country from 1925 until 1946. What makes this coin and currency so historically significant is that it represents one of the attempts at rebuilding the European economy after the Great Depression of the 1930’s and then after WWII. After WWII the pengo was said to have suffered the greatest rate of inflation of any currency in world history.

This silver 5 Pengo piece from 1930 is quite a find due to the limited number of years Pengos were around, as well as the silver pengo coins being taken out of circulation during WWII. This coin has a total weight of 25 grams with 64% silver purity. There is over ½ an ounce of pure silver in this coin, which makes is a wonderful acquisition for any investment portfolio.

The reverse of this coin depicts the Hungarian Coat of Arms. This design came during a time when the coat of arms for Hungary became very complex and with a variety of details.
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