1930 Ford Model A Standard Coupe Die Cast Model

1930 Ford Model A Standard Coupe

The National Motor Museum Mint

Classic Die Cast


1/32 Scale. New Condition. Doors, hood and rumble seat open. 5" long x 2 1/4" wide x 2 1/4" tall. Complete with Certificate Of Authenticity and "Golden Age of Ford" card. History:

In 1930 the Great Depression was beginning to take its hold on America, leading to the worst economic decade in American history. Fortunately for Ford, they had already planned new styling for the Model A. With wider and lower fenders, taller hood, and larger, more rounded headlights, the Model A's now had a much heavier and solid look. Although the ad campaign was "New Beauty for the New Ford", popularity was gained through Ford's attention to the 5 basics - Attractiveness, Reliability, Economy, Comfort and Safety. While Chevrolet sales fell 50%, Fords sales only fell 30% and they were once again #1, accounting for over 40% of the cars sold in America.

The Standard Coupe was Ford's second best seller next to the Tudor Sedan. This was the car hot rodders began to fall in love with as they discovered that aftermarket custom parts were both cheap and plentiful. The Standard Coupe has the $50 optional rumble seat, which makes sense as the trunk was difficult to get to with the outside spare.

Original Cost:
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