1930’s Gibson Kalamazoo Banjo Rim w FQMS Custom 6 parts

Up for auction is a 1930’s Gibson Kalamazoo, genuine 11" banjo rim that has been upgraded with FQMS Custom 6 style parts . The finish on this Gibson Kalamazoo rim is in good condition. This 11" rim is originally from a Kalamazoo rim with shoes. This rim has been significantly upgraded. The rim now has FQMS Custom 6 style flange, tone ring, hoop and arm rest. Please note that the shoe holes have been filled and wood was added to the interior of the banjo body to cover the shoe holes. This rim has four gold plated, L-brackets. The L-brackets are the shorter model and do not extend all the way to the end of the flange. The rim has 4 gold plated thumb screws. The resonator is the original flat back resonator to this rim. It has the original finish. The resonator has been converted from the original 3 lugs to 4 lugs. All four lugs are newer, 2 of the lugs are gold plated, 2 are nickel plated. The resonator has a 3" long scratch near the treble side area of the tailpiece (5 o’clock).

The rim is approximately 9/16 inch thick below the flange. The wood rim is approximately 2 inches tall, not including the tone ring. The hooks are FQMS and are also gold plated. Included with the rim is an old frosted head. The rim has the FQMS style 6 flat top tone ring. This type of banjo body makes a fantastic, beautiful bluegrass banjo, and you
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