1930 GOOD HOUSEKEEPING Magazine - May - Jessie Willcox Smith


Dated May 1930

Cover Design by Jessie Willcox Smith



The American Marquis..by George Weston
The Blue Plush Rabbit..by Elizabeth Troy
Steel..by Freeman Lincoln
All the King's Horses..by Margaret Widdemer
Endurance Flight..by Mary Wilson
Love Is Like That..by Hazel Havermale
The Fool of the Family..by Margaret Kennedy
The Lilac..by Hugh Walpole

Special Articles

Back Pay on Mother's Day..by Kathleen Norris
Surprises of the Greenwood..by Archibald Rutledge
Your Voice Gives You Away..by Helen Hathaway
Stars and Scissors..by Mary Lawton
The Land of Fire..by Frances Keyes
Pleasant Books..by Emily Blair
The Wisdom of Folly..by William Phelps
Our Own Four Walls

Good Housekeeping Studio

Interiors in the French Provincial Type
Porch Furniture the Studio Will Buy

Good Housekeeping Institute

Windows That Sparkle
Let's Have Pie
Gas Ranges
What Tested and Approved Means
A Spring Breakfast Party
My Meals

For the Children

Punda..by Martin Johnson


The Potter..by Cara Rugel
I Think That God Is Proud..by Grace Crowell
May..by James Challiss
You and I..by Minnie Hopkins


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