1930 Wedgwood Princeton University Collector Plate MINT

Plate/Auction Description. Very nice 1930 Wedgewood Plate. Featuring the Witherspoon Hall. Plate Condition. Perfect condition, No ink runs, or print errors. no scratches or damage Mint! Please scroll below to see pictures of the actual plate your bidding on. Auction Ends around 4am EST on Sept. 19th. Make sure to bid now! No Reserve! History of Princeton Plates

Princeton's first commemorative plate set, the 1930 Wedgwood plates, are comprised of twelve panoramic photographs of campus, transposed on porcelain in Wedgwood's trademark blue etching. Included in the collection are panoramas of McCosh Walk, Nassau Hall, Stanhope, and Holder Court. Following the precedent of Harvard University's own commemorative plate venture, Nassau Hall contracted the Wedgwood Company to produce and design the plates, while retaining exclusive rights of sale and distribution. Sales were by subscription only and first advertised in the Princeton Alumni Weekly in the spring of 1930. The complete set of 12 plates cost $15.00.

Alumni demand proved to be overwhelming, quickly outstripping the initial supply of 600 sets. By July of 1930 over 2000 sets had been ordered, forcing Wedgwood to go into several reprintings, and giving then University Secretary V. Lansing Collins the unenviable task of mollifying irate alumni who had not received their sets
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