1930's-40's Buick 40,Pontiac,Oldsmobile Brake Adj. Tool

This auction is for 1) Original Factory Special Service Tool for 1930's-early 40's Pontiac, Buick model 40 and Oldsmobile models . 15/16" on both ends.//Distributed to dealers through the GM special service tool program back then. Hinckley-Myers J-618 Brake Anchor pin Locknut wrench. A full 15 1/2" " long with unique offset, thick heavy open end to clear backing plate on front brakes and low profile Box end to access eccentric nuts on rear brakes. Hinckley-Myers morphed into Kent-Moore a few years later. //// 3rd & 4th pics from 1938 catalog. ///// Condition is excellent, unworn and very serviceable. Some work marks/dings/dongs and t over the past 70+ years. ///// This had a poor,blotchy finish on the cad-type plating from years of storage. I prepped and resprayed with a quality metallic to freshen up. This is a big heavy wrench. I will hold shipping to 8.00 in U.S.