1930's 40's WWII USMC Foot Locker w/ Pin-up Girl & KEY

1930's 40's WWII USMC Foot Locker W/ KEY

This Auction is for World War II Vintage United States Marine Corp. Foot Locker. This Foot Locker Belonged to R.F. Becker (Unknown to Me) The Top is Hand Painted with his Name , The Marine Insignia and USMC. The Front also has a 2" x 3" Brass Name Plate under the Lock, We also have 1 Key for this Locker.

Inside the Top t is a Receipt from the Quarter Master with a Pin-up Girl next to it, in the center t is another Name Stamp and a Postage Stamp from China, on the right hand side t is a Name Tag from the Moana Hotel, Honolulu, Hawaii

T is a Three compartment Lid Tray, w/ Leather Handles All 100% good. This is the Best Example of a WWII footlocker I have ever seen. It is 20" Wide x 14" Tall x 34" Long. It weighs near 50Lbs. so shipping will be high.

Great Item for Display in your Garage or to Restore your 1933-39 Ford.

If you have any Questions Please ask I will do my best to Answer them.

Insurance is an extra $1.30 for $0 - $50 worth of insurance, $2.20 for $50 - $100 worth of insurance, and an additional $1.00 for each additional $100 dollars worth of insurance above the first.

Thanks you & Good Luck