1930's Art Deco architectural coin operated peanut candy vending machine base

Here you have a late 1920's to early 1930's Art deco era vending machine base for a four bay silver king peanut candy vending machine or a couple cast iron 1930's era auto mat vending machines. This was initially used as it was intended for a vending machine in the front lobby of a local movie theater. Then at some point it made its transition to a magician's stage prop for storing magic related stuff for performing tricks and slight of hand stuff. It has sat unused in the back unseen for 60 plus years now amongst some huge curtains. As you can see its not at all perfect but is a survivor. This unit still retains its original paint as shown in photos. The rust seen on very bottom of machine is just superficial surface rust from loss of paint so of course metal oxidizes. There is no real structural integrity damage from rust it is very solid. The photos do not do this justice it is a awesome heavy duty well built piece. You can see an image of this base on some post cards of the silver king gumball machine exhibit. Just punch in on thge general internet or here on ebay gumball machine exhibit and up will come a post card for sale, there you can see a image of this base. On the postcard it says Pan Am Chicago confection. I'm guessing the postcard was a worlds fair exhibit. Quite a rare piece vending and arcade history. I have never ... read more