1930s Autograph Note - Edith Roosevelt - Dated July 4th

I acquired at auction over 300 pieces including celebrity photographs and autographs; United States presidential first lady ephemera (signed letters, photographs, etc.); historical documents (19th & 20th century) and the like. These appear to be from a collector and seller of historical signatures. Most items included background information (which, in most instances, I will include in my description). All are in clear plastic sleeves (I'm assuming acid free). The way I acquired each piece is how you will receive it. In most instances, I have scanned the document for the most accurate image.

First Lady Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt

Wife of Teddy Roosevelt

Measurements: 5 1/2 " x 8 1/2 " note. Written on a blank MENU from Mortlake Manor, Next Putnam Monument, Brooklyn, Connecticut. (In 1927, Mrs. Roosevelt purchased a large home called Mortlake Manor.) Two-sided letter. Addressed to her dear and longtime friend, Mrs. (Gertrude) Pullman Evans, 1316 New Hampshire Avenue, Washington D.C. Note completely in Mrs. Roosevelt's hand . Dated simply (but how nice!) July 4th, reads in full:

Dear Mrs. Evans

I had hoped for a little note from you in the passed spring! I do so want to see you. I shall be at Oyster Bay all the month of August. Can't you spare me a weekend. This old house was built by
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