1930's Baby Bracelet Cherry Red Carved Bakelite Tested


Bought @ 2001 Art Deco Antique Show Saratoga, CA!

RARE OPPORTUNITY ! Almost Impossible to Find This Item Anyw For Sale!

I Paid over $500 for this Collector's Item almost 8 Years Ago. Baby Bracelets are the most
sought after Bakelite Collectible. This one is the Creme' de la Creme' of Bakelite Baby
Bracelets. Width of Bracelet is a Full inch. Highly intricate & deeply carved High Relief
designs show off the Rarest & Most Consummate Example of Art Deco Artistry & History.
You can see in pix of bracelet on the arm how the light picks up an almost translucent
beauty & High Shine of an Exceptional Collector Piece.
Simichrome Tested for Positive Confirmation of Authentic Vintage 1930's Bakelite,
& Baby Bracelet bought @ Antique Show in Saratoga, California from a Reputable
& Well Known Bakelite Dealer out of San Francisco, California. As you can see in
the pix, I am able to wear this bracelet, & it is truly an enchanting experience. The
Key is getting the small opening over one's full hand. My hand measures 4" Wide @
point w thumb bottom is, 6" wrist, & I am very small boned. However, t are
simple tricks to sliding bakelite on, like putting a cut pantyhose foot
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