1930's Coca Cola Salesman's Sample Ice Chest Cooler

1930's COCA COLA


This is a small ice chest cooler that I believe is from 1939. I am not a Coca Cola expert but I was told Salesman's would carry this chest to various places as a way to promote their product.

I am very impressed with the condition of this item! I rate it VERY GOOD and I cannot detect any dents ! As you can see in the pictures it is considerably faded, perhaps it sat near a window, and t are a few minor light scratches. I noticed that one of clasps that would hold information on the cooler (which is missing) is slightly bent. I included a picture. I'm sure it is an easy fix but this cooler is in ORIGINAL condition and I wanted to leave it that way! Please notice that it is not missing any of the rubber seals and they are in very good condition as you can see!

This cooler measures 10" in height, 12" in lenght and 7 1/2" in depth.

I will calculate shipping and insurance cost at the end of the auction!

If you have any questions feel free to email me!!