1930s DUQUESNE BEER Light Up Beer SIGN 3D Lenticular

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1930s Light up DUQUESNE Beer SIGN

3D Silver Top Beer

This auction is for a 1930s light up Duquesne SILVER TOP Beer sign. This sign is very interesting as it is done with very early 3D Lenticular Photography. Shows a pretty girls head and a spinning top in the foreground. ''SMILIN THRU WITH SILVER TOP BEER'' The insert panel top is actually two sandwiched glass panels with paper between them. The staining is on the paper only and can easily be removed and replaced if desired. I left it in as I believe it to be the original paper.

The lower section is a separate piece of sandwiched glass that has a Great 3 Dimensional MOTION effect with good depth. As you walk or move your head past the sign the top appears to be spinning. When the sign is Off t is nothing to see. This must have been fun to watch after a few beers. This is MUCH MUCH more impressive in person as it is difficult to photograph as the camera does not know how to "read" the motion effect. Lights up fine and looks great. Comes in a stand up sheet metal case with a wood painted frame, made bythe ERSER CORP NY. It has a socket and takes any low wattage light bulb 18XXXXX patent numbers would date this to about 1933, and was probably made right after prohibition was repealed.

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