I recently came upon this stack of old German newspapers. T are around 10. All written in German and unfortunately, I can not read German but from what I can tell browsing through them they have references to The German Military as the Swastika is hand stamped on every paper, the Zepplin, strength of the military, everyday life at this time 1930-1935. Also a few ads with an American Buick for model year 1930 and quite a few of the Nazi swastika emblems through out. This whole group is really out of my specialty so this might be something of Historical value or possibly nostalgic value as a German person from that era. I did NOT see any references to Hitler but t may be one that I didn't see. Possibly some articles referring to the strengthening of the German military. Very Neat find and all for one money. Please look at the pictures to see some of the features through out the various papers. They are all in used condition with wear but are not brittle. Shipping will be 7.00. Thanks and good luck!!