TWO 2 1930s Ideal Shirley Temple Doll TO RESTORE or PARTS

These 2 dolls are GUARANTEED to be ORIGINAL 1930s Ideal Shirley Temple Dolls. Both dolls are marked on the back of the head and the back with the Ideal Shirley Temple markings. The larger one is a 17 inch Shirley. The small is a 16 inch Shirley Temple doll. Also included with these dolls is an original 1930s Shirley Temple Mohair wig with a tag inside saying "16".

Please note ALL items are SOLD AS IS and are FINAL SALE ITEMS. Returns will not be accepted. Both dolls are in serious need of restoration, as is the wig. If you are looking for a good condition dolls, these are not the ones for you. Although originals, they are in need of restoration. I have placed an extremely reasonable BUY IT NOW on these items, so have fun!

! I have sold hundreds of original Shirley Temple doll items over the years. For the Buyer looking to restore, I believe you will be very happy! I just do not have the time right now to do the restoration myself, and throught I would pass these cuties on to another collector.

The Buyer is responsible for paying Priority shipping and insurance cost. Please note, I am using the ebay automated calculator. If actual shipping is less than what ebay calculates, I will gladly refund the difference to you as soon as the item is shipped. NYS buyers, please add sales tax. Forgeign Sellers, please
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