1930's Parker Vacumatic; Emerald; Double Jeweled 14K Solid Gold EF Nib; Restored

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1930's Parker Vacumatic; Emerald; Double Jeweled 14K Solid Gold EF Nib; Restored

This Emerald Pearl Vacumatic has been fully restored - a new Vac sac/diaphragm (and tested), and thoroughly cleaned and polished. I even removed the feed and nib from the section and cleaned all three. The components on this pen are Vintage, but are from different releases of the Vac Major. For example, this pen has a Lockdown filling system, a thicker barrel than a Major, but the date on the nib is 1945. Well, in 1945 you could not buy a new Vac with a lockdown filling system. In fact, in about 1938, the Lockdown filling system was replaced by the Speedline. Since the thicker barrel indicates the Vac Standard (which was phased out and replaced by the Vac Major), this pen was made between 1933 and 1937/8. I'd lean towards 37/38 otherwise both jewels would have been Emerald striped like the section and the clip would have been the feather clip, not the Blue Diamond Split Arrow clip. The original nib was more than likely the two-toned 14K nib. Unfortunately the date code on the barrel has worn off, although some of the barrel imprint is still visible, but rather faintly, another indication of age and usage. Parker introduced the Vac model in 1932 (It was originally

This 1930's Vac has a beautiful and proper Parker Arrow 14K Solid Gold nib, with a '.5.' date code, so 2nd qtr. of 1945. If it was the second quarter of 1935, then the date would be '25'. The dot number date code system was introduced in 1938, replacing the number/number date code. The nib is imprinted 'PARKER U.S.A. .5.'. I'd judge the nib to be an 'EF' point and rather stiff - typical of Parker nibs. With the naked eye, the nib looks excellent. Parker was good at nib manufacturing - high quality materials and craftsmanship.

The trim is gold-filled, and I don't see any evidence of brassing at all - really impressive considering that this pen was manufactured about 80 years ago!! The Parker Blue Diamond clip looks excellent and is nice and tight on the cap. The split arrow clip was introduced by Parker in 1937, and the Blue Diamond was added to indicate a Lifetime warranty. This was in response to Sheaffer's 'White Dot' and Wahl-Eversharp's 'Double Check Marks' Lifetime Warranty markings.

The black cap jewels are in excellent condition - they both look exceptionally clean. I see no scratches, nicks, etc. on the barrel or cap. I can see one very small scratch on the section and another on the blind cap, but now I'm getting really nit picky. I just like to tell it as I see it, so if I see it, you'll know about it. This Emerald Pearl Vac has superb barrel transparency.

Parker made the Vacumatic in many sizes, both length and girth - typically the most common were the Debutante (smallest), Junior, Standard, Major, and Over-sized (later changed to Maxima). This one is the Standard size, and measures right at 5 1/8 inches capped, and about 6 1/8 inches with the cap posted. When the Vacumatic was introduced, Parker called this the Standard. It is the same girth as a Vacumatic Major Parker introduced in 1937 at the widest point, but the diameter of the barrel where the cap screws on is wider and it is also thicker at the barrel end. So, if I take the cap from the pen up for auction and try to screw it on to a later model Vacumatic, there is no thread engagement.

I've included a writing sample using this pen. I'm a bit heavy handed. I tested the pen with water to assure it filled properly and then dipped the pen in ink to create the writing sample. It lays down a smooth 'EF' line and is rather stiff.

BTW, if you are relatively new to the Parker Vacumatic filling system (used in Parker 51's, Vacumatics, later model Duofolds, etc.) for maximum fill, depress the filling plunger about 8 - 10 times, with just a brief pause between plunges. This will assure a maximum fill. This innovative sacless Vac was advertised by Parker as being able to hold 103% more ink than it's competitors pens.
If you are looking for a daily 'EF' very smooth writer, or a nice Parker Emerald Pearl Vac to add to your collection, then this pen should be on your short list. This Vac has a very nice sheen to it, and I'm particularly fond of the Emerald Pearl color. This is easily a 'Top-Shelf' Parker Vac and is highly collectible.

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