1930s PHILIPS Bread Card INDIANS D127 Blackfoot Tribe Winold Reiss ART Last One!

This fantastic card is one in a series of 24 cards issu ed by the PHILIPS BAKING COMPANY of San Francisco . One was insert ed into each package of their brand of Phil ips Indian Bread . They are listed in the American Card Catalogue as series D127. No date of issue is listed but my best guess is the 1930 era. The Front of the card features an image of life of the Blackfoot Indian Tribe, with the original art done by WINOLD REISS. These images are well known, Reiss was commission ed by the Great Northern Railway to produce portraits of members of the Blackfeet Conf ed eracy. Beginning in 1927, and it is those images that were us ed in this series of cards for the Phil ips Company. These images were also us ed on many calendars and advertising pieces at the time . The back provides information about the series, including instructions for a premium dart game that kids could exchange the cards for. The Card measures 3 1/8 inches by 2 5/8 inches approximately . The card does have a creaseing. I have scanned the front and back of the card fairly large so you can determine the condition for yourself . This is a scarce series. I had a find of 4 of these a few years ago and I have auctioned those off over the yeat.. This is my last one. I have never seen any others auction on ebay during that time. Don’t miss out Bread cards are one of

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