1930's TURNER Ladder Fire Truck *Vintage*

1930's Turner Ladder Fire Truck

This truck is from the 1930's and is made by Turner. This truck is a fire truck. The color is red. All four wheels are present and are in good condition. The truck has three removable ladders. Behind the cab is a mount for a ladder that rotates. Each side of the cab has a sticker for the fire dept. with a yellow hat. Also, on one side, there is a Turner sticker. The truck is in good condition.

The truck itself measures at approx 26" X 6" X 5 1/2".

This truck is from the 1930's and looks vintage. It has not been restored in any way. It has some surface rust and the paint has been scratched in a some spots, but it isn't anything that couldn't be fixed and restored. This piece would be a great addition to a collection.

If you have any questions or would like extra photographs, feel free to ask.

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