1930s Vintage Art Deco Toaster - Calkins Breakfaster Model T2

Calkins Breakfaster Model T2
Vintage Art Deco Toaster
The Calkins Breakfaster Model T2 was made for 2 years during the 1930's.It has a door on the front that opens that toast can be inserted, and has open vents on the side to let heat escape. The top of the toaster doubles as a hot plate.
This vintage art deco toaster is 9" long, 7" wide and 5" high.
Item sold in AS IS condition, as pictured.
Note: as with all vintage electrical items, they should be checked out by a professional if the plan is to use them. The metal gets hot, it's a potential fire hazard, as any appliance is with an element which heats up and gets red hot. The toaster is being sold as an Collectible, and any usage is at the new owner's risk.