1931 12 fret Gibson L-00 Black w/ White pickguard Set up ready to go No reserve

· 1931 12 fret Gibson L-00 Black with White pickguard. No reserve 1 1931 12 fret Gibson L-00 Black with White pickguard. FON 156. Great feeling, easy playing 1 ¾”nut, modern-feeling C-shaped neck. Original tuners work great. Original frets in good shape as is the Brazilian rosewood fretboard. Never had a neck set and still doesn’t need one. 1/8”(8/64) 12 th fret action at the bottom E, 7/64” at the high e. A light-as a-feather early L-00. Even with bare fingers it is amazingly sweet bright and responsive fingerpickers delight. . The 12 fretters are my favorites and this one has got IT in spades!! One of the prettiest sounding old Gibsons that I have ever played, and I’ve owned dozens. This is a great one! Certainly a fine player, if not a clean and pristine “collectors dream”. This thing has 2 replaced back braces, a repaired X brace, and other re-glued braces 7 repaired top cracks and many a scratch and nick with lots of finish touch-ups. But that just gives it cooler mojo. When you feel how lightly built this guy is you will understand why it’s been re-glued as much as it has.” Only a Gibson isn’t glued Enough”. The 2 cracks at the top and bottom of the outside edge of the pick guard are cleated. The other 5 top cracks, having adequate bracing under them are glued only and very stable. 1 along the bass side of the fretboard, 1 ... read more