France, 1931, " EXPOSITION COLONIALE ", a Copper medal, 32mm, by Bazor in very fine condition as scanned, several nicks on rim, hallmarked "cu" with horn* (Paris mint).

Bibliography : see CGMP p29 Vol3.

The Colonial Exhibitions were supposed to bolster popular support for the various colonial empires. The 1924 British Empire Exhibition was one, as the successful 1931 Exposition coloniale in Paris. Germany and Portugal also had such exhibitions, as well as Belgium's, which had a Foire coloniale as late as 1948. Human zoos were featured in some of these exhibitions.

ABOUT THE ARTIST Lucien BAZOR (1889-1974), French medallist. Pupil of his father engraver then of PATEY at École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Won the Premier Grand Prix de Rome de gravure en médailles in 1923. He was general engraver at la Monnaie from 1931 until 1957. Mint Marks used at the PARIS MINT: Plain Edge ==> All medals before March 30th 1832 have plain edges and before 1841 for bronze or copper.
Antique Lamp ==> from March 30th 1832 until October 21st 1841 (on gold & silver only).
Anchor ==> from October 21st 1841 until September 25th 1842.
Ship Prow ==> from September 26th 1842 until June 12th 1845.
Pointing Hand ==> from June 13th 1845 until October 1st 1860.
Bee ==> from
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