1931 O gauge 1353 smoky Mountain #3300 Loco with #3301 Vanderbilt Tender & cars.

1931 O gauge 2-4-2 American Flyer Smoky Mountain Train set # 1353 the 1st year for the famous Type VIII.s with Light in firebox and remote control Locomotive. This set does not include track or transformer. The Locomotive to tender hook up in needs to be replaced, someone made up one. The drive wheel linkage is original, When we purchased it was broken and we repaired using original J.B. Weld and machined so extremely hard to notice. This linkage is brittle and will break if you hold train by linkage or run locomotive with linkage on, highly advised to take off linkage before putting on track to run. The linkage was bad from the starting gate from A.F. so the next year they went to stamped steel linkage. These #3300's have many different parts than other type VIII's. Controls are located in cab, false bell on top, Red firbox weight with red light, smaller boiler/cowcatcher, non came with bell ringer, drive wheel linkage, smaller diameter drive wheels. These are the collectors type VIII's. Below will list what you will be purchasing and of course Loco, tender and cars with boxes. When I purchased this train they told me loco, tender and a few cars were used for many years as a fireplace mantel piece, they also said this was purchased new and never left the family. I have only seen the stamped # 3300 R/C in green color this one is ... read more