This is, as show n, a wonderful, RARE , 3.25 x 6, APRIL 1, 1931 6 Panels, LUDINGTON LINES - NEW YORK - WASHINGTON - Schedule and Price Guide for all East Coast Operations - 30 Schedules Daily - Boston, Newark, Trenton, Philadelphia, Wilmington, Baltimore, White Sulphur, Hot Springs and Charlottesville. Per the Net:


Aeronautics: Vanishing Independents

Monday, Feb. 27, 1933

In September 1930 the brothers Charles Townsend & Nicholas Saltus Ludington, Philadelphia socialites, started Ludington Air Lines, a plane-per-hour service between New York, Philadelphia & Washington—"most travelled stretch of territory in the world."* The Ludingtons put $1,000,000 into the company, kept most of the stock, sold none publicly. They declared themselves prepared to operate at a loss for five years. Last week they sold out to Eastern Air Transport, reputedly for $250,000.

From the outset Ludington Line was watched with keen interest by the entire industry, since operations without mail contracts were supposedly doomed to failure. Ludington set a new low for fares, a new high for economy of operation, based its hope of success on its convenient schedules. It not only borrowed railroad tactics but got the Pennsylvania Railroad to handle its tickets and to admit Ludington buses to the Penn terminal
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